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Hornby ScotRail Mk2F TSO (2019 new tooling release)

Hornby ScotRail Mk2F TSO (2019 new tooling release)Score 90%Score 90%

Hornby R4893 & R4893A MK2f TSO ScotRail (New Tooling)

Following on from the previous article on the ScotRail MK2f BSO coach, we now look at the MK2f TSO coach. Another of the new models just released this past week is the all new BR designed MK2f coach. The MK2f has been missing from Hornby’s range up until now. The MK2f is a brand new model which complements Hornby’s previous release of the MK2e coach & it’s earlier older MK2d coaches.  

The MK2f is still in front line service today & is currently used by the following operators:

  • Abellio Greater Anglia
  • Caledonian Sleeper
  • Abellio Scotrail
  • DB Cargo UK
  • Direct Rail Services
  • Network Rail
  • Riviera Trains
  • West Coast Railways

The Construction of the Mk2 series of BR coaching stock began in 1963, with the first prototype. BR set about improve the MK1 coaching stock with a new improved body design, pressure type ventilation, better lighting as well as a higher top speed. Over the the following decade the MK2 went through numerous upgrades & improvements culminating in the Mk2Fs. The MK2f’s were built between 1973 and 1975. The MK2wd’s onwards featured improved seating plus full air-conditioning.

The new MK2f has been aimed as a higher spec budget model which retails at around £31.50 mark, which is proving to be very popular with modellers. Bachmann are also producing the MK2f model will be of a higher spec at a much higher price, thus both ends of the market will be covered between the two companies.

The TSO coach like it’s fellow BSO coach, features Hornby’s excellent decorated finish with lots of fine printed details & livery application. Separate under chassis details have been nicely done & are of the quality that one expects of a model at this price mark. The model features tinted flush glazing as per the real thing. The coach has full interior details such as seating & tables as well as the guard’s. luggage compartments. The hand rails on the ends feature separate fitted wires whilst on the coach sides they appear to be fine raised moulded details.

The bogies feature excellent moulded details with painted springs & axlebox covers, NEM coupling boxes have removable small type tension lock couplings. The buffers are non sprung & the end gangways feature the rubbing plate details. Also included in the box is a pair of non working buck eye couplings for the modeller to fit. The wheels are of the fine scale profile type & feature metal wheelsets. Going back to the livery, it’s pleasing to note that Hornby have matched Dapol’s ScotRail livery class 68’s perfectly. As can be seen in the photo below (Photo care of David Watson – Dean Park Station on YouTube)

The ScotRail MK2f’s are proving to be very popular & are ideal for running with Dapol’s ScotRail & DRS liveried class 68 diesel models. If you model ScotRail grab one whilst you can.

The full release of the Hornby MK2f’s for 2019 will be as follows:

  • BSO – Brake Second Open (Scotrail, Blue/ Grey, Intercity)
  • TSO – Tourist Second Open (Scotrail, Blue/ Grey, Intercity)
  • FO – First Open (Blue/ Grey, Intercity)
  • RSTT – Radio Survey Test Train (Network Rail)
  • PLRV – Plain Line Recognition Vehicle (Network Rail)


Key Features:

  • Detail chassis
  • Some detailed parts
  • Fine-scale wheels 
  • NEM small type tension lock couplings 
  • ScotRail Livery
  • Fine printed details
  • Era: Current decade onwards

Hornby MK2f TSO



R4893 ScotRail This article

R4893A ScotRail

R4916 BR Blue Grey

R4916A BR Blue Grey

R4919 Intercity Swallow 

R4919A Intercity Swallow 

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Have one of these in your collection?

Let us know what you think, or share your photos via the comments below.

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Summary Excellent high spec budget model with the ScotRail TSO selling out fast. Accurate rakes are possible thanks to Hornby producing different coach types.

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