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Hornby SR 12Ton Ventilated Van

Hornby SR 12Ton Ventilated VanScore 60%Score 60%

This Hornby model uses ex-Airfix tooling. With basic detailing & printed details, a good model for beginners or those on a tight budget. The Airfix version was released as far back as 1979, in which time Palitoy then Dapol & finally Hornby acquired the tooling in 1996. It’s worth noting that the tooling got mislaid but was found in time for Hornby to release the model in 2005. The model features finescale wheels as well as detachable couplings (Not NEM type).

Key Features:


  • Removeable couplings
  • Finescale wheels
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Basic printed details
  • Different tank style body options
  • Liveries: SR, BR & MSLR (Light grey, brown, dark brown)
  • Era: 1930’s – 1960’s
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Model number range

R1068 – R6268A

List Of Model Numbers

  • R1068
  • R6268
  • R6268A
  • R6775
  • R6267
  • R6267A
  • R1075

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Summary Old tooling with basic details & basic printed decoration. A good budget model.

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