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Hornby VDA Van – OO Scale

Hornby VDA Van – OO ScaleScore 68%Score 68%

Introduced into the Hornby range back in 1980, this model has now been surpassed by the newer Bachmann model of the VDA/ZRA long wheelbase van. The real VDA’s were built for BR in the 1970’s & 1980’s to replace the 10ft wheelbase vans that BR was phasing out at the time. The VDA van had strengthed center sliding doors for use with counterbalance fork truck working. Either side of the center doors were hinged ones allowing the whole side to be opened up for loading & unloading.

This Hornby model features basic details large tension lock couplings, rotating swivel bogies to allow the wagon to run through 1st & 2nd radius curves. Some versions feature plastic wheelsets, but namely most have metal wheelsets. Hornby has produced this model in various liveries such as Balfour Beatie, EWS, BR, BR Railfreight, Transrail, NSE Satlink to name a few.



Key Features:


  • Large tension lock couplers
  • Basic details
  • Metal wheelsets (some versions have plastic wheels)
  • Various liveries including BR, Serco, Balfour Beatie, Transrail, BR Civil Link, EWS, NSE Satlink, Virgin Trains (ltd ed)
  • Era: 1970’s – Onwards
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from R156 to R6349

  • R6452
  • R6264
  • R6264A
  • R2437 (Serco Test Train Pack)
  • R6138
  • R6074
  • R6188
  • R156
  • R234
  • R247
  • R237
  • R6349
  • R1172 Railmaster train set
  • R016
  • R017
  • R404
  • R6042C
  • R6042
  • R6042B
  • R6042A
  • R6042W
  • R6265
  • R6265A


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Summary Model showing it's age now & has been surpassed by Bachmann's model of the VDA. Idea model for those on a budget & starting out in the hobby. Good choice of liveries.

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