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How Do I Wire Up A TrainTronics Signal (DC4)

Help, please how do I switch (wire up) a Traintronics DC 4 aspect with a feather, please? What type of switch will do the job? If it’s too complicated it will go in the scrap bin.

Cheers folks


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  1. Holls

    Wiring would depend on how you wish to use the signal, Geoff. Is the signal ‘stand alone’, or in a sequence of others? I don’t know that particular product, but as an Electrical Technician, to me wiring is wiring. If you can provide a bit more gen. I can probably advise. Holls.

  2. Iain

    The Train Tronic range I’m not really familiar with, but have just found this with may be of assistance in how to wire it up. Copy & paste the link into your web browser:,inch%20(3.2mm)%20diameter%20hole%20through%20the%20baseboard,%20making

    Looking further, it looks like the TrainTronics website is no more, so it possibly looks like they are no longer trading possibly?

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