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How To Build The AX029-OO Palletised Loads Set 2 – Breeze Blocks

How To Build The AX029-OO Palletised Loads Set 2 – Breeze Blocks

In this How To, Iain takes a look at the new AX029-OO Palletised Breeze Blocks Load and shows how easy they are to assemble.

Our recent release of our Palletised Loads Sets for OO gauge, these are also suitable for HO layouts / dioramas too. The kit in question can be found in our shop here:

The AX029-OO Breeze Blocks load, is ideal for the likes of Bachmann’s OO gauge Plasmor Block Freight OBA 31-tonne Open Wagon cat no: 38-042A. Also ideal for your yards, depots, lorries & trucks loads, other railway wagons, as well as building site scenes etc. The AX029-00 kit makes up 12 palletised loads. They are ideal for use where you need bulk freight loads to fill up a scene, but where minute detail isn’t essential.

The kit is very easy to assemble, tools needed are scissors or craft knife, (recommend using a cutting mat & steel ruler if using a craft knife) & glue. We also suggest using a a small file or file board for smoothing back the fret joining burs on the blocks. For gluing the texture wrap layer to the blocks, use the likes of a glue stick like Pritt Stick. For the core blocks use Deluxe Materials Card Glue which can be found here in our shop:

In this video you’ll see how the kit is easily assembled:

An ideal kit for the beginner, suitable for modellers of all ages and abilities to try out. The kit is a good introduction for anyone new to the world of card / laser cut kits. Time wise this kit pack of 12 can be easily completed in an hour or so. So assembling a few packs of these kits makes an ideal project for an evening or afternoon’s modelling, which will see you soon building up loads for a number of wagons / trucks. Finally we’d suggest giving the completed pallet loads a covering in a matt varnish using an aerosol matt varnish spray can, these can be found in most good model shops.

Here’s a few photo’s of these  AX029-OO’s on a layout / diorama. On the wagons, the pallet loads still need to strapped & secured into place as per the real thing. We’ll be looking into doing the load straps, & once we’re happy with the test pieces we’ll introduce them to our product range….watch this space!!

The rest of the palletised loads range can be found here:

We’ll be adding more palletised loads to our range, so be sure to check back soon to see what’s new! Finally here’s some images of the real Plasmor OBA wagons with Breeze Block loads:

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  1. Justin


    Here’s the original prototypes we made (I’m just testing the comment functionality to see if it will upload the photo). 😉

  2. Trebor247

    I have built the brick ones AX030 – 00 they are easy to make and look so realistic.

    • Justin

      Thanks Robert. Could you do me a favour please and try uploading a photo in a comment, just so we can test the functionality? Thank 🙂

  3. RammixIOM


    Could you produce early packing crates in N like the picture, various stamps added etc or would these be too small? possible project for the 3D printer maybe??

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