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How To Make Low Relief Trees

How To Make Low Relief Trees
In our second how to video from Gormo today, he tries a rather unusual method for making background trees for his layout. Personally I think this is the work of a genius!



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  1. Rob Harrison

    Definitely a brilliant Idea and certainly adds depth, will be trying this method once I start building my layout 😀

  2. PantoPete

    This is a great concept and can be applied to other things as well as trees – buildings, equipment, rolling stock etc For instance I’ve got the Bachmann low-relief block of flats and before I bought it I’d printed out a full-scale picture of it to see if it would fit on my layout. I’m now going to use the picture behind the model to make it look like a small estate receding into the distance.
    BTW I don’t think Gormo needed to go to all the effort of puncing the holes as he just covered them up with the flock anyway!

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