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How To Paint Brickwork

Brick is one of the most common building materials so it’s great to have a simple method to paint and add the mortar to it.

In this video we use a couple of products that give a nice mortar that’s quick and easy to do.

We’re continuing to use the Diorama Blitz Kino model sent to me by Doug Foscale.


  • Car Primer – I use Halfords red on brick
  • Tamiya paint – Clear Orange 70956 – Red 70947 – Black Grey
  • Lifecolor Liquid Pigments – LPW 25 – Rail Dust – LPW 24 – Frame Dirt
  • Any White Pigment – I used Mig but there are so many brands.  White is best because you can stain to the colour you want.
  • Any muddy coloured wash – these are solvent based to flow easily.  I used Mig Neutral wash but these are discontinued so AK Interactive or Ammo by Mig are similar brands.  You can make your own with white spirit and an enamel paint.  Basically, we’re after dirty white spirit!
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