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How To Paint Cobbles

We’re continuing to use the Diorama Blitz Kino model kit sent to me by Doug Foscale.

This week we’re painting the cobble stone street. It’s based on the streets I saw this summer in Lisbon and I wanted a bluish toned cobble with cement between it.

The “Real” World photos are all from my tuktuk ride in Lisbon. It had some great inspiring streets and buildings.


Car Primer – I used Halfords grey
Vallejo – Intermediate Blue – 70.903 and French Mirage Blue – 70.900
Vallejo – Black Grey – 70.862
Dark Enamel Wash – AK Interactive and Ammo by Mig all sell versions.
Tamiya – Red Brown – XF-64
AK Interactive Dark Steel Pigment – AK-086
Beige Tile Grout
Isopropyl Alcohol and Water Mix (1:2)
White Glue and Water Mix (1:2)

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