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How to Paint Tarmac by Kathy Millat

 We’re getting near the end of my series on tarmac/asphalt and now its time to paint tarmac!

I use a mix of brush paints and airbrushing to get the effect that I want followed by grout (in lieu of pigments) and some details such as cracks and water stains.


Craft Acrylics – I used artists’ tube acrylics in Payne’s Grey and Buff Titanium by Daler Rowney. Any brand will do.
Black surface primer by Vallejo – any airbrush black will do or alternatively, you can brush paint.
Vallejo Thinner and Vallejo Flow Improver – if you are using different brand paints then use the appropriate thinner.
Tracks primer by AK Interactive
Grey surface primer by Vallejo
Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan (for cobbles)
Grey permanent fine pens – I used Spectrum Noir but Promarker or any other brand will do (for cracks)
Grey Unsanded Tile Grout (or sanded but strained through the end of an old pair of tights) or Pigments to add a dusty texture
Vallejo Satin Varnish
Airbrush Paint Mix

30 drops paint
20 drops thinner
10 drops flow improver

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