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Model Railway Point Types

Chadwick also takes a look the different type of model railway points & explains the difference between Electrofrog & insufrog points & their uses.
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Favourite Scale: OO / 1:76 Likes: Making small stuff on the laser cutter Dislikes: Counting rivets Other info: Starting to dabble with the world of 3D printing a bit to enhance the products we create on the laser. Layout: Whitwick Grove


  1. VicD

    About points, just a quick thought on what is an excellent video on the constraints of point work, when a new comer to the hobby researches a little, invariably, they shall purchase a layout plans book…. This will almost certainly be for set track, probably code 100, and worst still, the points will be insulfrog, now, 18 months or is it two years into the hobby, you realise the error, but and here is the rub! The geometry is different, for insulfrog and electro Frog?
    I am on the third iteration and getting to grips with scenery (⅓ completed) enjoying every hour (obviously dropping small pieces on the floor, hoovering ballast that I hadn’t fully glued) small irritations aside, including insulfrog points, a great hobby made better by the people like ‘Chadwick’ that share information and skills, thank you.

    • Iain

      It’s a great hobby. As you say the Electrofrog points are a larger radius than the Insulfrog Points. Some great points that Chadwick covers in the video.

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