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HST (High Speed Train) Down Under – XPT Photos & Video

HST (High Speed Train) Down Under – XPT Photos & Video

XPT Photos & Video – By Peter Scofield

In response to our request in a recent newsletter, Peter Scofield has kindly sent in a couple of photos plus a video of the Australian version of Britain’s HST train. The XPT set an Austrailian rail speed record of 144mph near Wagga-Wagga in 1981 & entered service around 1982.

XPT power cars were originally powered by a Paxman Valenta 12RP200L engine with a single turbocharger. These were replaced in the year 2000 with Paxman VP185 12-cylinder, diesel engines with four low-pressure turbochargers and two high-pressure turbochargers giving 2,000 horsepower. These have been successfully used on some British Rail High-Speed Trains since. The XPT’s Traction equipment was manufactured by Brush Traction at Loughborough.

XPT’s are due for replacement in the next couple of years by newer trains.

For models of this train, have both been produced by Hornby & Lima. An all-new super detailed high spec model is now produced by Australian model company Auscision Models. The link below takes you to their XPT model page.

Also included below is a video filmed by Peter Scofield of an XPT train departing a station. I’d like to thank Peter for kindly sending in the photos & video.



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