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In The Greenwood Laser Cut Corner Shop

In The Greenwood Laser Cut Corner Shop

For sometime I have wanted to buy some of these kits from, but was not sure I would be able to do a good enough paint job on them, but after seeing our local model railway club buy some and paint them up, I was so impressed I had to give them a go.

The first kit I bought was the corner shop, which was to be an insurance brokers behind the station on our layout.

The kit goes together very well indeed and is very sturdy. The laser cut detail is brilliant and very easy to paint. I am no master painter, so believe me, If I can paint them anyone can. Here are pictures of the build in progress and completed.

The kit does not come with any glazing but using pieces of clear packaging that I have collected over the months it was easy to glaze the model.


The kit comes with a 3 sided box that can be used to give the building an interior. I used the downloaded 1940’s interior from Justin’s ScaleModelScenery which worked a treat.







Finally I added some lighting inside the building to highlight the interior.

I was blown away by the quality of this kit and how good it looks and all for under £6, and free P&P too.

I have now ordered 2 more kits and will post pictures as soon as possible.

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I am a middle-aged Railway enthusiast. I have a teenage Son who shares the enthusiasm. We love micro layouts and have a couple of layouts that we take to local exhibitions. We are not master modellers but don't do too bad. My modelling knowledge has been gained from being a member of our local Model Railway Club, Wisbech Model Railway Club. Loving the hobby and all the wonderful things that can be achieved.


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