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Interior Room Details (Part 2)

Adding Interior Room Details – Part 2

We continue the assembly of the fireplace kit & adding interior details to a model building interior room.

Adding details

Included in the kit is wall paintings, clocks & rugs. Below you can see some of these items. Carefully cut them out.

Using Pritt Stick or similar, glue the paintings & clocks onto the chimney breast as shown on the right.

Installing the fireplaces

Choose a suitable location for the fireplace, & drill a suitable size hole or holes to take the wires. If drilling two holes, one will need to be slightly bigger to take the wire with the resistor fitted.

Test fit to make sure the wires feed through the holes okay & that the fireplace will sit flush on the floor.

Apply Roket Card Glue to the rear of the fireplace as shown on the right.

Re-fit the fireplace. Hold the fireplace against the wall & floor with firm pressure for a minute or so till the glue sets.

The hearths can be installed before after the fireplace has been fitted. The kit comes with two hearth textures. We’ll use the one on the right marked in orange.

Having cut out the hearth it’s just a case of gluing it into place using Pritt Stick glue.

Next cut out one of the rugs textures & glue into place again using Pritt Stick Glue.

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