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Interior Room Details (Part 3)

Adding Interior Room Details – Part 3 Wiring Up

We continue the install of the fireplace kit & adding interior details to a model building interior room. Now it’s time to connect the wiring up for L.E.D’s on the fireplace.

Wiring up

Having installed the fireplaces we’ll now connect them up to a power supply. We’ll keep this simple so only tools you’ll need are a screwdriver, wire cutters & wire strippers. The wires that come with the L.E.D’s have the ends pre-stripped.

Take both red wires & insert into the same hole on the chocblock connector. Tighten up the screw to firmly hold the wires in place.

Take both black wires & insert into the other hole on the chocblock connector. Tighten up the screw to firmly hold the wires in place.

The photo on the right clearly shows this for you.

Next cut a length of red wire to your desired length. Strip both ends of the plastic outer sleeve.

Repeat the above with a length of black wire.

Insert the red wire into the hole opposite the two red wires on the chocbloc connector. Tighten the screw to hold the red wire firmly in place.

Repeat the above with the black wire. Again see the photo opposite.

For the power supply, we’re using a basic standard Hornby train controller. But you can use any 12 volts to 16 volts transformer. On the ends of the two wires fit a spade type connector, this fits over the two accessory outlets with the screw nuts.

Next, unscrew & remove the two nuts, pop one spade connector over one thread & replace & tighten the nut. Then do the same with the other spade connector. Again replace the screw nut & tighten.

If you don’t have any spade connectors simply unscrew one screw nut, place wire end under the nut & retighten to trap & hold the wire. But best to use the spade connectors.

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