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Kit Bundles (Part One) – SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack (OO/HO Scale)

Kit Bundles (Part One) – SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack (OO/HO Scale)

A Look At The SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack (OO/HO Scale)

Today we turn our attention to one of the Scale Model Scenery SMS-BP Bundle Kit Packs. Various kits have been selected from our kit range & have been put into bundle packs. These bundle packs whilst saving you money over buying the kits separately, allow to make up a scenic area on your layout.

The bundle packs have each been choosen with a theme, such as a farm, trackside details, building sites, station areas, etc. The one we’ll look at today is the SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack. This kit bundle as the name applies has an industrial theme. The kits included in this pack are:

  • KX002-OO Industrial Brick Wall With Gates (Laser cut version)
  • KX001-OO Low Relief 1930’s Factory
  • TX134-OO Hard Standing (Pack of 5 texture sheets)
  • KX032-OO Chimney
  • AX037-OO Industrial Gooseneck Roof Vents
  • LX039-OO Laser Cut Industrial Extractor Fans

Depending on your kit building skills, the kits can be all built up at a steady pace in around 3 -4 days to a week. Thus easily makes for a weeks modelling session. Once completed will make for a great corner filler on a layout.

The photos below show each of the kits that come in this bundle pack.

What Glues Will I Need?

We recommend Deluxe Materials AD-29 Roket Card Glue / AD-21 Super Phatic Glue for assembling the kits in this kit bundle. For the larger texture sheets the likes Deluxe Materials View Glue (Backscene Glue), Glue Stick such as Pritt Stick, UHU Glue are also recommended.

What Tools Will I Need?
  • A cutting mat
  • Craft knife with a new sharp blade (pack of spare cutting blades)
  • Steel ruler for measuring & also using as a cutting guide
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Sanding stick (a cosmetic nail sanding stick will do)
  • Scale Model Scenery SX002 Corner Jig Tools
  • Felt tip pen for colouring in any white exposed edges (colour depends on the texture sheet edge being coloured in)
  • Old cloth or sponge for wiping away any excess glue
  • Small model tool clamps (for holding parts whilst glue sets)

Some kits come with build options allowing you various things, different coloured doors, signage, doors open or closed, quantity, texture finishes amongst others. Each kit instructions will advise of these options, so always read through the options first before making a start.


Whilst assembling the the kits, they can be easily customised with other items from within our range of accesories & kits. Add extra details in side buildings such as furniture, fire places, lighting & more. Some modellers for example have taken our 1930’s Low Relief Kit, & combined it with two or more of the same kit to make a full relief building. Another example is converting the kit or building into another use, again an example of this is the Country Pub Kit which we’ve seen converted into a Fire Station.

Building The Kit Bundle

In the next five or six articles, we’ll take a look at how each of the kits & items in this Industrial Kit Bundle Pack are built & assembled into a scene for your layout. We’ll start with the KX032-OO Industrial Chimmney Kit, which will follow this article.

See you Part two… 

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