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Kit Bundles (Part Two) – SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack (Building The KX032-OO Industrial Chimney)

Kit Bundles (Part Two) – SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack (Building The KX032-OO Industrial Chimney)

SMS-BP6 Industrial Factory Pack (Building The KX032-OO Industrial Chimney)

Following on from Part One of this look at the Industrial Factory Kit Bundle Pack, we take a look at the KX032-OO Industrial Chimney kit & how to build/assemble it. The kit is one of the older kits & comes with four sheets of photo realistic textures & a sheet of greyboard card. The instructions are actually on the texture sheets this time, which is worth studying for a few minutes. 

Not included in the kit is a tube, this you’ll need to source for this kit. You can use a plastic tube, wooden dowel, piece of copper tube, card tube etc. We’ve used a card tube from a kitchen foil roll (Morrisions Supermarket own brand), the cardboard tube has a reasonable thick wall which gives the chimney some strength. We’ve also used a drinking straw for the smaller pipework. Any small type tube, straw, pipe, old round pen or pencil will do for use as the smaller pipework.

The texture sheets allow for a chimney to be built to various heights as the two texture sheets have two chimney textures. A top section on one sheet & an extension section on the other sheet. If building the download version the you can build to any height you want!

The photos below show the kit contents.

Tools required

What tools do I need? 

  • Cutting mat
  • Roket Card Glue or Super Phatic glue
  • Craft knife with a fresh sharp blade
  • Glue stick such as the likes of Pritt Stick or similar
  • Sanding stick (a cosmetic nail file will do)
  • Tweezers 


Lets get started…

Start off by carefully cutting out the chimney base texture as shown on the right.


Using the supplied greyboard card, cut out a sqaure measuring 60mm by 60mm.


Turn the chimney base texture over & score the fold lines as arrowed in the image right, using the rear blunt edge of a craft knife.


Apply an even thin layer of glue to the non printed side of the chimney base texture. Place the sqaure cut piece of greyboard card centrally & squarely on to the glued texture sheet. Then proceed to fold & glue the flaps down as shown on the right. This concludes the chimney base section. 


The Chimney

For the chimney core baselayer, various items can be used such as a wooden dowel, cardboard tube, small plastice pipe, copper tube. Here we’ve used a cardboard tube from a roll of kitchen foil (Morrision’s Supermarket own brand), this is about 30mm in diameter which will give a good sized chimney.

On the texture sheets you’ll see two sections that contain the chimney texture, one upper section with the black top band, the other without the top black band is for extending the chimney. We’ll need both these textures to fit the cardboard tube roll we’re using for this kit build.


Cut the chimney textures out from the texture texture sheets. Then mark out a straight line in pen or pencil along the side of the cardboard tube. This gives a line to work to for postioning the chimney texture on the cardboard tube.


You have two options here. One is to measure the circumference of the tube & cut the chimney texture wrap to the circumference measurement. Or just roll up the texture around the tube.

Apply glue using the glue stick (Pritt Stick or similar) to the non printed side of the texture sheet. Then carefully aline the the top section texture sheet along the line we’ve drawn on the cardboard top. Make sure the blace section is sitting flush with the end of the tube.

Now carefully roll the tube forward & thus wrap the texture around the tube. Make sure you keep the end edge of the texture sheet flush with the edge of the tube as you roll it. 


As the tube we are using is slightly longer than the upper texture section of the chimney, we need to use a section chimney texture from the lower chimney texture sheet.

Measure the depth of the remaining section to be covered, mark out a cordingly on the rear non printed side of the texture sheet. Then cut the piece from the texture sheet.  


We’ve then run a bead of glue along the marker line on the cardboard tube & then carefully aligned & placed the texture up with this line. Also making sure the texture sits flush up with the other texture sheet already on the cardboard roll.

Apply glue to the rear non printed side of the texture sheet & proceed to roll the tube forward over the wrap, taking care to make sure the wrap sits flush with both the bottom edge & the other texture sheet. 


The cardboard tube after wrapping in the texture wraps. Don’t worry if you have a slight gap between the two texture sheets as this can be hidden with a outer band texture.


The chimney band textures. A score fold line needs to be marked on the rear of the band textures. A tip here is to hold the texture sheet up to the light or window. On the rear side (non printed side) of the texture sheet, mark in pen or pencil the orange lines. You’ll notice that on some there is a blue line as well as the orange line. The blue line is the cut markers for the smaller chimney bands, we’ll cover this in more detail below. 


Having marked the orange fold lines on the rear of the texture band sheets, place a steel ruler or straight edge so it lines up with two pen/pencil marks. Use a blunt edge of the craft knife blade, & score a fold line between the two marks.

Repeat for as many bands that are rewuired for the chimney. 


Now cut along the black lines on the boxes that surround the chnimney bands, as shown on the right. 


Fold each strip up into a Vee as shown in the image right. A tip here is to place a ruler along the scored line & gently lift & fold the one side upwards. The printed side should be on the outside of the Vee.


Run a small bead of Roket Card Glue along the inside of the Vee as shown on the right.


Next, carefully bring both sides of the Vee together. Lay the band strip on a cutting mat, & carefully flatted by running a finger along the texture. Be aware of any excess glue that may seep out, & wipe a way immediately. Repeat the process with the other band strips as required.

Allow time for the glue to set before moving on to the next stage. Now would be a good time to grab a brew whilst the glue sets. 


Having allowed time for the glue to set we move on to the next stage. On the chimney, starting with the un-weathered printed band next to the black section, every fourth band takes a deeper depth band. So on our chimney we need four deeper depth bands plus one extra one to hide the joint between the two chimney textures. Cut the deeper depth bands as shown on the right.

Test fit the bands around the chimney & cut to length to suit.


Apply a bead of Roket Card Glue around the first deeper band section as shown on the right.


With the weathering going to the top, carefully place the deeper band around the chimney as shown on the right.


For the small bands that go between the larger bands, place a steel ruler on the band textures so that it lines up with the two blue markers as arrowed in the photo right. Carefully cut between the two blue markers using the steel ruler as a cutting guide.

This will give you the thinner bands.

Any white edges, touch up with a suitable dark coloured felt tip pen. 


Cut the smaller bands to the correct length to fit around the chimney, then as before, apply a bead of glue around the band area on the chimney & place band on to the glued area. Make sure the weathering faces outwards & goes to the top with the streaks running downwards.


At the bottom end of the chimney (the end without the black section) run a bead of Rocket Card glue around the end as shown on the right.

Then place the glued end centrally on to the chimney base section as shown right. Make sure the chimney sits true & sqaure on the base.


The Chimney Top

Next mark out the outer diameter of the chimney then add around 2 to 3 mm to this & mark out a bigger circle to the 2 to 3mm mark. Here we’ve gone for a 3mm bigger top. Then cut out the card greyboard circle.

Cut out the black circle, apply glue to the non printed side & place the card greyboard circle centrally onto the glued area.

Next cut inwards towards the card base as shown on the right (Don’t cut the card base). Make each cut around 5mm apart.

You can cut the flap sections down if you so wish, or if you have the space leave the flaps as they are. Apply a small amount of glue to each flap ( on the non-printed side ) & fold down on to the card greyboard as shown right. Repeat till all the flaps are folded & glued down.

Touch up any white expossed edges with a black felt tip pen.

Apply glue around the top edge as shown on the right & then place the black disk section on to the chimney. Make sure the over hang is equal all the way around.

Now cut out the long thin black strips, these are the chimney top funnel sections. 

After cutting out, colour in a section with black felt tip pen on one end of the non printed side of the black strip. This is for the inside of the chimney funnel.

After cutting out, colour in a section with black felt tip pen on one end of the non printed side of the black strip. This is for the inside of the chimney funnel.

Apply a small amount of glue on the printed side at the end covered in felt tip pen. Then proceed proceed to wrap the black strip around a round pencil, straw, dowel etc. Make sure the printed side faces outwards. 

Glue the chimney funnel on to the chimney top disk as shown on the right. Here we’ve gone for two funnels on the chimney top. Touch up any white edges with black felt tip pen.

Pipe/ducting option

We’re going to add some pipework as though coming out of a wall into the chimney. You’ll see a printed pipe/ducting section on the texture sheet. This could be made into one long sqaure type ducting or four or less pipe type ducting.

One section of this texture sheet will cover what we need for our build as shown on the right.

Using a drinking straw, glue & wrap the texture strip around the straw as shown on the right.

Cut the straw now come pipe into suitable same size lengths & glue into desired position at the bottom of the chimney. 

For the wall plate, cut a small sqaure out from the greyboard & also a sqaure out of the pipe/duct texture sheet. Cut the texture so it’s slightly bigger & can wrap around the card greyboard sqaure.

Glue & wrap the card with the texture sheet.

Glue the plate section on to the other end of the pipe/duct making sure the weathered bit goes to the top.

This now completes the chimney build. We’ll now look at the next kit in this kit bundle in the next article to follow.

Happy modelling.

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