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Layout In A Box – Demo Micro Layout Project (part 26 ) – Additional Details (Cardboard Boxes & Pallets)

Scale Model Scenery Demo Micro Layout Project – Cardboard Boxes

Part Twenty Six

Following on from part twenty five of this series, in which we looked at LX205-OO Industrial Ladders With Safety Cages, we now move on to another scenic detail kit item. This time it’s the turn of the LX165-OO Cardboard boxes kit.

The kit comes in the standard clear eco freindly packaging & it contains an instruction sheet plus the sheet of kit parts. The makes up 35 boxes in assorted sizes which include 4mm x 4mm x 4mm size box right up to a larger 8mm x 8mm x 4mm box. A quick & easy one for an evenings modelling, the boxes can be left unpainted or if you so wish, paint & add further detail to them. This kit is ideal for a depot, factory, super market, loading & unloading scene.

We’ll now take a look at how easy it is to assemble this kit. The image below shows the kit parts sheet of the boxes in their flat net shape.

Lets get started…

Tools needed are as follows…

  • Cutting Mat
  • Craft Knife with new sharp blade
  • Tweezers
  • Deluxe Card Materials Roket Card Glue or Super Phatic Glue
  • Sanding stick


Start by cutting out the flat box net shapes. Use a craft knife with a fresh sharp blade & a cutting mat. To release the box shapes from the parts sheet, carefully cut through the small pips that hold the box parts on to the parts sheet. Lightly sand flush any pips on the edges of the box part.

Now fold up the box as shown in the image right (as directed by the arrows). The smallest end tab which is known as the glue tab goes to the inside of the box, is glued in place using Roket Card Glue or similar.

Next fold down the two smaller end box flaps as shown in the image right (again as directed by the arrows) so that they are end up in the horizontal position. 

The box should now look the same as in the image right with the two smaller inner flaps sitting in the horizontal position. Apply a small amount of Roket Card Glue on to the two small inner flaps. 

Wth the the two small inner flaps having glue placed upon them, fold down the two larger flaps on to the glued inner flaps. Hold the flaps for around a minute to give the glue time to grab & start setting.

Turn the box over & repeat the folding & gluing in place of the flaps to complete the assembly of the box. One completed box is shown right. Proceed to assemble the rest of the boxes in the kit the same way.

For our factory yard scene, we’ve glued the boxes into place on one of our pallet kits to create loaded pallets as can be seen right. 

Once the glue had set, the loaded pallets were then glued into place on the factory yard area of of the layout. Several Prieser figures were then also glued into place to create a working cameo scene. 

To add further intrest to the factory yard scene, we’ve added the AX115-OO 3D Printed Blue Shipping Pallets kit. These come as single 3D printed pallets, so these can be used straight from the packet. Here we’ve glued them into stacks of various heights. 

Once the glue had set on the pallet stacks, they were then glued into place on one corner of the factory yard area up against the wall of the factory building. 

The loaded pallets can be further enhanced with details such as printed writing on the boxes, taped up box lids, box load wraped & banded (usually two bands are used to secure the load to the pallet), pallet labels. The three images you can see to the right & below show such examples of loaded pallets. Note that some pallets contain overhanging boxes, and various sized boxes on them.

This concludes our look at the adding of the cardboard box & pallet detail kits to the layout.

Happy modelling.

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