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Layout In A Box – Demo Micro Layout Project (part 28 ) – More Scenic Details For The Station

Scale Model Scenery Demo Micro Layout Project – Station Details

Part Twenty Eight

Following on from part twenty seven of this series, in which we looked at making some fiddle yard boards, we now look at some scenic detail kits for our station area of the layout. We’ll start by adding to the rear of the platform some picket style platform fencing, the LX030-OO fencing kit. This can be found here:

I had a couple of sections of this fencing kit left over from another project, it had already been assembled previously. We’ll look at this kit goes together in another article. The fence was primed & painted & glued into place along the rear of the platform. The kit includes a number of gates & we’ve fitted one pair of gates to allow access of course on to/off the platform. The kit is available in two height options, these being 16mm (scale 4ft) & 20mm (scale 5ft). The fence can be seen below.


We’ll now add a couple of benches for the layout folk to sit & await their train. The seat bench kit we’re using is the LX008-OO Laser cut wooden & concrete bench. The kit makes up eight sets of benches. Lets take alook at how this kit goes together.

The kit comes as a one sheet of of parts & supplied instruction sheet. The parts highlighted in the orange box make up one bench. You’ll need Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue & the following tools:

  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Tweezers
  • Acrylic paint suitable for a wood looking colour
  • Paint brush.

Cut & remove the four side pieces. These will be glued together in two stacks of two. Use a small amount of Roket Card Glue to glue them together.

Make sure when gluing the side pieces into two stacks of two, that all edges are flush, true & sqaure.

Next paint the seat back & seat base in your chosen colour, use artist acrylic paints. It’s best to paint the parts whilst the parts still on the parts sheet as shown in the photo right. Allow the paint to dry before removing from the parts sheet. 

Cut & remove the seat back & seat base from the parts sheet.

Apply a small amount of Roket Card Glue to the part of the bench seat base as shown in the photo right.

Place the side piece on to the glued area of the seat base. Make sure the recess on the seat base fits around the upright on the side piece as shown in the photo right.

Now repeat the process, & glue the other side piece on to the seat base. Again make sure that the seat base recess sits around the upright of the side piece. Make sure that both side pieces sit sqaure on the seat base.

Now take the seat back section & apply two small amounts of Roket Card Glue  to it as shown in the photo right.

Place & hold the seat back rest against the two side pieces, until the glue sets. Make sure the back rest sits level on the two side pieces as shown in the photo right. 

Apply four small amounts of Roket Card Glue on to each of the four legs of the bench seat.

Carefully place the bench seat on to the platform. Here we’ve positioned it to the rear of the platform. 

In the photo you’ll notice to the left of the bench, we’ve added a concrete fire Hydrant marker & fire hydrant iron work cover. These two items can be found here:–ironwork-oo4mm176-503-p.asp

A second bench was assembled & glued into place on the other side of the platform gateway entrance. As seen in the photo, we’ve added & glued to the fence, the AX087-OO Staation Platform Help Point Kit, this can be found here:—oo–4mm–176-6675-p.asp

Help points can seen all over the UK railway next work stations, usually unmanned/unstaffed stations. An essential detail found on current modern day UK railways. The help kit is a quick & easy kit to do & can be on layout with in a few minutes of opening the packet. Simply cut & release the circular piece from the parts sheet, cut the to release the pre-laser cut round front decal from the parts sheet. Then stick the decal to the front of the round circular piece, then glue the help point on to any wall, fence, sign post around your station area.  

Next item to be added to the platform details is the platform anti trespass pads. These are used to prevent the public from straying off the platform & tresspassing on the tracks & railway. These are sold in packs of eight. Simply remove from the packet, sand flush any flash bits off the part sides, then glue into place on the end of the platform. These anti trespass pads are also found in use on level crossings. The photo on the right shows two of these anti tresspass pads glued into place on the end of the platform. You can find the anti tresspass pads here:

Another detail item being added to the station is a lineside staff / trackside phone. The AX052-OO Trackside Phone Kit is being used here. One post mounted phone has been put on the end of the platform, & entrance to the yard depot. Another one a wall mounted one has been fitted the shed front wall too. The AX052-OO kit comes with grey plastic rod, two wall mounted phones & two post mounted phones. This kit can be found here:–signal-telephones—oo–4mm–176-6885-p.asp

The image right shows the kit contents. The rod is cut down to suitable lengths to the required height. The two phone boxes on the left are post mounted phone boxes, the arrows point to the mounting lugs which will sit either side of the post. The two on the right, are wall mounted phones though these too can be mounted to a post if needed.


Cut the rod so it’ll be long enough to sit in a mounting hole but will set the phone at around waist/chest height on a model figure. Using plastic glue or super phatic glue, apply a small amount in between the two mount lugs (as arrowed in the photo right).


Drill a 1mm hole in the platform, apply some super phatic glue or similar to the bottom of the post rod & insert into the hole. Hold the post in the straight & true position whilst the glue sets.


In the photo right you can see one of the other phones mounted trackside. The second photo below right shows a wall mounted phone on a bridge pillar wall, on my own layout.


The final item to go on the platform is a litter bin. We’ve used our LX014-OO Litter Bin Kit. This kit we’ve covered in a previous build guide which can be found here:



After the litter bin was assembled & painted, Roket Card Glue was applied to it’s base & then stuck down in one corner of the platform. We’ve then added some model figures that we had kicking around in our bits & bobs box. Every modeller should keep a bits & bobs box for storing all those might come in handy one bits, a good modeller never throws any thing away!! What can be a nother persons going in the bin material can be a gold mine of handy bits to be converted in to items for use on a layout.

In the next part we’ll look at some detail items for going on this micro layout.


Happy Modelling. 



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