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Layout In A Box – Demo Micro Layout Project (part 30 ) – Big Brother!!

Scale Model Scenery Demo Micro Layout Project – CCTV

Part Thirty

Following on from part twenty nine of this series, in which we looked at creating water features, we now look at another scenic detail kit which is the AX071-OO Wall Mounted CCTV Cameras. The kit contains four camera’s & four L shaped camera wall mounting brackest. This kit is available with a choice of either white camera’s & also grey camera’s. A quick & easy kit for an evenings modelling project.

CCTV Camera’s are found all over the place, so every modern image layout needs one. This kit will help bring your modern image layout bang up todate.

For the tools you’ll need for this kit are as follows:

You’ll need Deluxe Materials Super Phatic Glue or similar, a small file, paint brush & black paint. A pair of tweezers will also come in handy. 


The kit contents for both coloured types are shown in the two photos right & below right. The top photo feature the grey camera’s & the lower right photo features the white camera’s.

Paint the end raised circle on the front of the camera in a black dark grey looking colour. This is the CCTV camera lens.

On one of the outside edges of the L shaped bracket, file or sand back one end as shown in the photo right, a suitable angle for the camera to point downwards. Using super phatic glue or similar, glue one camera on to the angle so that it’s pointing downwards at a slight angle.

Once the glue has set, apply super phatic glue or similar to the other outer side of the L shaped bracket. Then place & hold the bracket against the wall of your choice whilst the glue sets.  

In the selection of photos right & below the CCTV camera’s can be seen dotted about the demo layout on various buildings, with the camera’s in various positions. 

That concludes our look at the CCTV camera kit. In the next part of this series, we’ll hit the rails for a look at doing at how to shuttle a train automatically.


Happy modelling. 

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  1. wicky0570

    Small but beautifully formed! Great little add on’s .

    • MalcT

      Totally agree Wicky, another item to add to my ever growing list of wants

    • Iain

      Thank you Martin 🙂

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