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Layout Update 74 (Part 1) – January 2021 (New Scenic Section)

For the second video this weekend, we come in house for this one with one of our team members, Iain. As many of you during these lockdowns have been busy working on your layouts. putting the time at home to good modelling time use. Our team member Iain, has been busy rebuilding a section of his layout, to create a railway cutting scene which cleverly incorporates a lift up section to allow access to other parts of his layout & a removable scratch-built bridge to hide the lifting flap hinges. In the video Iain has used the following kits from our range which are as follows:

LX035-OO Laser Cut Concrete Lineside Trunking OO/4mm/1:76

LX141-OO Laser Cut Drainage Catchpits Bar Type (Pack of 9) OO/4mm/1:76

LX033-OO Mileposts, Gradient & Catch Points Signs (Pack of 29) – OO/4mm/1:76

LX006-OO Laser Cut 4ft Post & Rail Lineside Fencing OO/4mm/1:76

LX282-OO Lineside Cabling & Hangers For Platforms, Tunnels etc – OO/4mm/1:76

AX006-OO Modern Trackside Accessories (Pack 1) OO/4mm/1:76

LX355-OO Laser Engraved Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall Sheets (Pack of 2) – OO/4mm/1:76

Kx036-OO Concrete & Brick Retaining Wall – OO / 4mm / 1:76 (Used in a scratch build above the tunnels)

Iain says it’s still work in progress, with the likes of signals & some other bits still to be added to his cutting scene. Well worth a watch.

Here’s the video…



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  1. Boogie

    Hi, Really enjoyed update. Given me some ideas.

    • Iain

      Thank you, pleased you’ve enjoyed the update & giving you some ideas. If you have any photos or video’s you’d like to post of your modelling, please do post them in the club that’ll be great if you can. Many thanks Iain

  2. wicky0570

    This looks fantastic. Reminds me of the cutting at Kelling Heath on the North Norfolk Railway. I spent many days watching trains pass with the camera pressed to my eye. As always superb modelling.

    • Iain

      Many thanks Martin. Couple more bits still to do on this scene, then should be able to tick off the layout builds list.

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