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Lima Motor Upgrade

Lima Motor Upgrade
On the back of yesterdays newsletter with a video tutorial detailing how to fit a CD motor into the Hornby ringfield motor. Club members may or may not be aware of a company that produces ready to fit replacement upgraded motors for Lima models. It’s a simple fit & works on both DCC & DC controlled layouts. The motor is a simple fit to Lima Bo-Bo (dual) or Co-Co (triple) wheel motor bogies.

The kit can be found here:


The Kit contains the replacement motor with the mounting bracket attached to it, the kit is no longer supplied with a speed reduction diode which was used to create a similar top speed to the original lima pancake motor. A better newer motor has now supplied which no longer requires the diode to be fitted.

The upgrade motor offers these benefits:

  • New High torque motor
  • Improved torque output
  • Five year replacement guarantee
  • Enhanced low speed performance
  • Reduction in stalling possibility
  • Simple installation
  • Uses existing motor housing, gears and wheels
  • Bring old lima models back to life
  • Can be replaced with original motor at any time

We’ll be looking at fitting one of these kits in due course so keep an eye out for a club article on this shortly.

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  1. Holls

    I spotted this a week or so ago, and they were saying that the 2 axle unit had already sold out 😢

  2. PACtrain

    Is it possible for RM to obtain supplies of these motors?

    • Iain

      Pactrain we’ll look into it.

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