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LX225-OO Low Relief Engine Shed Build

LX225-OO Low Relief Engine Shed Build

You may recall a short time ago that I posted on the group facebook page that I was searching for a suitable low relief engine shed for my latest micro layout. I got some great suggestions from members, but best of all was Justin coming up with making a low relief version of the engine shed that he was currently working on.

Within a matter of days, the above package arrived just as Justin promised it would. What was even better was that it arrived on a Saturday morning and I had the weekend off! #letsgetbuilding

As usual with all the kits from, you will find some superb instructions and some amazing laser cut components for the kit. The detail is amazing.

The first job that I carried out was to paint all the components. First I painted the window pieces before assembly, then I started painting the brickwork sections using Humbrol 70 Red Brick paint.

Once all the pieces were dry I followed the instructions and started to assemble all the pieces together. The kit pieces fit together perfectly.

The windows are formed by 2 laser-cut pieces on top of each other which give you this amazing 3D window frame effect. You also have a separate window sill made from a further 2 pieces. the end result looks fantastic, as the picture above shows.

You have a couple of options on the round porthole window in the engine shed, I, however, chose to use both options. I placed the louvre window behind the painted white window to get the effect that I wanted.

Each wall section fits together perfectly and is kept square by the kit even having some roof girder trusses for extra detail. The final parts of the kit are the roof panels and the guttering and downpipes. I painted the guttering black prior to fitting, again just to make it easier to paint.

The kit also comes with strips of highly detailed roof tiles, so you have the choice of whatever roof detail you want. I decided that I wanted a paper wrapped roof as the tiles looked a little too large for my taste.

The final part of this build was to add weathering to the building and place it onto the layout.

I first used an airbrush to add the dirt and grime on the outside of the building. I also painted the interior of the building black.

To hide the blue back scene I made a black card back panel for the model and also sprayed this black. Once on the layout, this would make the inside of the engine shed totally dark, which would hide the fact that it is low relief.

The final piece of the engine shed effect that I wanted, was to have a steam loco just popping out of the end of the shed. I dug out a broken loco from the junk box and promptly cut it in half, this created a  low relief loco!

Here is the finished article in place on the layout.

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