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Mainline Railways – Warship Diesel Class 42

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First released back in 1979 the model features one powered bogie with the other being non powered. For its time the model was well detailed & features flush glazing and smaller type tension lock couplings. The motor is typical of Uk models at that time with a Ringfield type pancake motor driving two axles, the wheels being fitted with traction tyres.

Four livery versions were released. Mainline also released two versions with horn & diesel sound in 1981.  In 1985 the tooling was passed to Dapol & later on to Bachmann.

A brief bit of history: Originally built between 1958 and 1961, these early diesel hydraulic locos saw service hauling passenger trains between London, Birmingham and the south west, including hauling the new line up of the Cornish Riviera Express from Paddington to Penzance.

With an official maximum speed of 90mph, the D801 did achieve an impressive 102mph during private tests in 1959.

The class 42 Warships saw regular service hauling passenger trains for just over ten years before being retired between 1968 and 1972. Upon retirement, most were cut up and scrapped with the exception of two which were taken into preservation.

Key Features:

  • 3-pole motor
  • Flush glazing
  • Blue, Green, Maroon liveries
  • Fine-scale wheel profile
  • Chemically blackened wheels
  • Cabs feature a basic detailed interior
  • Working head code box  lighting
  • Two sound versions released

Manufacturers Part Nos:



Models released







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Summary Good model for it's time basic details with plenty still available on the 2nd hand market. Some spare parts are now being re-manufactured (such as traction tyres) & available from Peter's Spares

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