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Maps of the UK Then & Now

Maps of the UK Then & Now

Maps of the British Isles – Then & Now


An interesting mapping website of the British Isles that allows you to compare mapping from today with mapping from days gone by. The website splits the screen in half so allows side by side comparison of the maps. Both maps move in sync with each other as you move the map, zoom in, zoom out etc.

With a selection of maps from times gone by to choose from in the drop down boxes gives plenty to look at. For any one planning a model railway based on a real location from times gone by, this makes for a handy reference material. Well worth a visit to this site which can be found here:

In the link i’ve picked the area around Scale Model Scenery HQ so comparing both maps you can see how things have changed over the years. Such as how the towns have grown, new roads etc.

Grab a cuppa & have a good browse.



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