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Meet The Fleet 27 – Dapol D1013 (weathered) Western Ranger Ltd Ed

In this ongoing series we take a look at the newest member to join the fleet. Number 20 of a limited edition run of only 25, Dapol D4-003-013 (Western Ranger) D1013. BR Blue livery with red backed nameplates. A limited edition model produced for the Western Locomotive Association. So i’m told the weathering was an option for the model at time of ordering. The model has a 21 pin decoder socket & has mounting for a bass reflex speaker. The speaker i’ve used is a bass reflex speaker, in which i’ve fitted. a simple job of soldering the speaker wires on to the PCB (Speaker terminals clearly marked on PCB). The sound is by Legomanbiffo, & has many functions & features, in which some i show in this video. More details please contact DCKits the home of leggomanbiffo DCC Sounds. Sadly the camera mic hasn’t quite captured the sound as well as i hoped, so check out Biffomans live demo at the various model shows. I’m also thinking of upgrading the speaker to one of the earth movers, that seem to be getting very good reviews. The model has all the usual high spec features, see Dapol’s website for more details. More ‘Meet the Fleet Video’s will be coming shortly!!
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