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Mid week Build

Hi Guys,

just read this weeks newsletter, and note the feedback you have had from members? about the Wednesday Build. Whilst constructive feedback is always good and should be given a lot of thought about how things can be improved, negative feedback just for the sake of it or for being petty is totally unacceptable.

I did not manage to see this weeks build but the other two have been most enjoyable.

To the majority of modellers and friends out there who like to share and help each other out, who have constructive comments, continue to share and provide constructive help.

To those who quiet frankly are no better than internet trolls, and want to send nasty or petty comments simply turn off, don’t watch and go and do something else. Easy.

Yes railway modellers is a business and needs to promote their goods like anyone else, but they have always involved members in most of the things they do and this is for the benefit for all.

Any how said my peace, keep up the good work

Anyone body who is feeling frustrated or even  angry, given some of the comments, at the team or about my point of view; you can always take a deep breath and chill.

Failing that you can always drive a Large Prairie into a dark tunnel and set the whistles off.

PS any news on the crossing gates

Best wishes


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  1. Iain

    Hi Sean, Thank you for your feedback, it’s very much appreciated. With any form of Livestream, there will always be that one that will give negative feedback or troll. The general feedback has very very good, in which we thank you all for your support.

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