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Mineral wagon interiors

I tend to do mineral wagon interiors a rust colour, but other people insist they would be dull metal or caked with whatever the wagon had been carrying. What do people think?

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I model OO (although I have an interest in OO9 and N gauge). Aside from railways I like Rugby, knitting and good food.


  1. Wingnut

    A combination of both .For example coal wagons….coal dust,little water lying around. So rust maybe in corners.Always think where will water run and sit. Cheers Steve.

    • DordonWagonWorks

      I’d not thought about water collecting in empty mineral wagons. there is another effect I could go for, so long as I don’t over-do it.

  2. upwellflyer

    I do the insides in a steel colour and then dry-brush a bit of rust colour here and there in particular where the top edges are likely to come in contact with whatever is loading the tracks, ie; JCB / grab from over-head loader, etc. much the same as a container gets rusty around the lifting tackle on the roof and fork lift slots in the base.

  3. DordonWagonWorks


    Her is a shot of one of mine

    • Mick Ransley

      As others have said the ‘Worlds you lobster’ or whatever shell fish you prefer. Although they don’t stay new for long rail companies obviously do buy new so a rake of 5 would look good. Then there are the battered ones they are replacing and everything in between. Above all just have fun!!!

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