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Modelling Tip Of The Day – 27

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 27

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 27

This Modelling Tip Of The Day is an ongoing series, in which we’ll be posting a modelling tip that may be of use to the newbie right up to the seasoned modeller.

Today’s tip is:

Connectors (Plug In Type)

One way to make an electrical connection across a removable baseboard join is to use the plug type choc block connectors. This allows a baseboard to be removed or an electrical section to be isolated if need be. It also helps in fault finding on a layout too!

These simple chocblock plug & pin connectors are very easy to install. Simply strip a small section of the plastic wire sleeve off the wire. Either twist the exposed the wires to keep them together or add some solder on to the exposed wire end.

Unscrew the screw on the connector & insert the wire into the connector. Re-tighten the screw to hold the wire in place. To connect the connectors together, simply plug the connect with the pins on into the other connector. See the photos below.

These connectors are available from the likes of the electrical supplier’s such as RS, Rapid, model shops, DIY shops, & of course the online retailers.

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