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Modelling Tip Of The Day – 54

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 54

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 54

This Modelling Tip Of The Day is an ongoing series, in which we’ll be posting a modelling tip that may be of use to the newbie right up to the seasoned modeller. Today’s tip is:

Use the right screws


When building your layout use the right screws. Screws come in all sorts of lengths & types, so choose the right length & type for the job. Too short & they won’t grip & too long & you’ll catch & possibly cut your hands. Save money by buying bulk trade packs from the likes of Screwfix, Toolstation etc. Worth buying multi-size packs of screws which will cover various sizes you’ll need for the job.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    Great advice on an item often just taken for granted.

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