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Modelling Tip Of The Day – 57

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 57

Modelling Tip Of The Day – 57

This Modelling Tip Of The Day is an ongoing series, in which we’ll be posting a modelling tip that may be of use to the newbie right up to the seasoned modeller. Today’s tip is:

Colours & Textures


When modelling the scenery such as grasses, bushes, trees etc, think about colours, textures & seasons. If you study the two photos on this article, you’ll see a variety of colours. The photos were taken in the autumn show a fantastic variety in colours on the trees, & across the landscape. Notice that the grasses are not all the same colour & height. Add subtle touches such as weeds & rough grasses to add more realism to your landscape.

Take photos whilst your out & about on your travels, for reference material to work from & give you inspiration. If you’ve not done scenic landscape modelling before, try making a small practice diorama to try out different methods. Above all don’t be afraid to have a go!  We’ve included a link in the buttons below for a Beginners landscape starter kit if you fancy having ago.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    Great tips and hints.

    • Iain

      Thank you Clayton 🙂

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