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Modern Fencing (Concrete Post & Wooden Panels) Kit – How To

Modern Fencing (Concrete Post & Wooden Panels) Kit – How To

Modern Concrete Post & Panel Fencing

In this article we take a look at two kits to create a modern style type of fencing typical of many British gardens. We’ll be using the

AX047-OO 3D Printed Concrete Fence Posts (Pack of 24)

LX155-OO Pre-Cut 6FT Fence Panels

You can find the two kits here in our shop:

The two kits are designed to go together or used just on their own. Fence panel pack contains 30 single sided panels but will make up 15 double sided panels. The 3D printed Concrete fence posts come as a pack of 24 & have the grove slot to take the fence panels.

Tools you’ll need
  • Sissors or craft knife
  • Small sanding stick ( a nail file sanding stick will do )
  • Drill
  •  Drill bit around 2MM
  • Old cloth for wiping excess glue away
  • Rocket Card Glue
  • UHU glue or super glue.




Lets get started….

First apply your ground cover scatter materials. We’ve used Woodland Scenics Earth Colour Undercoat paint & Fine Earth Turf scatter. This has been followed with 2mm & 4mm spring & later summer static grasses. (We’ll look at ground cover scatter materials in a future article).

Once the glue on the static grass has dried we can begin installing the fence. First job is to cut the fence panels of the kit fret using a pair of sissors or craft knife. Use a sanding stick to remove any of the pip that holds the kit part off the fence panels.


We’re doing the fence as double sided so take two fence panels and glue together using Roket Card Glue. Make sure that you get the print details facing the correct way up on both sides. The top is the long bar across the top with shadows below it as seen on the photo on the right.

Mark out the position of the first fence post hole. Then carefully drill the fence post hole.

Next take one of the 3D printed fence posts & add a small amount of glue to the bottom of the post.

Insert the post into the hole making sure the grove slot on the post faces in the direction of the next fence post hole. Be sure to set the post straight & true in the hole.

Next temporarily insert the fence panel into the grove slot on the fence post. Mark the next fence post hole where the end of the fence panel is. Remove panel & drill next fence post hole.

Either glue the bottom of the next post or add a spot of glue into the fence post hole.

Insert the second fence post & make sure that the grove slot faces the same way as the first fence post. Be sure to set the post straight & true.

Add a small amount of glue along the edge of the fence panel sides. Insert the fence panel the right way way up as shown on the right.

Repeat the whole process for installing the rest of the fence.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    What a great kit, amazing amount of detail and very realistic.

    • Iain

      Many thanks ClaytonCanuk. Very easy set of kits to install.

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