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More on ‘Filming With a Phone’

More on ‘Filming With a Phone’

Following my watching the video in the ‘Episode 76 17 Filming with a Phone’ by Gormo there are a couple of gadgets that I use to help with filming.


The first is the Smoovie Stabiliser.  This is easily available online and costs just under £20 and it works.


The next is a small tripod to support your phone, again easily available online, and at under £3 a bargain. In addition to the tripod and phone holder it comes with a small push button control to take the photo (works by bluetooth) for both android and iOS.



The only problem with this is, depending on where you place the phone, you might not be able to see the screen.  If you own an iPhone and an Apple Watch that problem is solved as you can use the watch to start the video and also see what you are filming by looking at the picture on your watch – sorted.


With modern smartphones which is best? That, in my view, is personal choice – all the ‘my phone is better than yours’ is a waste of time because next week there will be a new ‘better’ one. If it works for you thats it!

But with an up to date phone you can take HD footage at 60 fps which makes for high quality video. Certainly good enough for YouTube or watching on your TV.


Hope this helps.

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