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Naming a layout

Well I thought track planning was a mission …. until I started thinking about a name for the layout and station. I live in Winterton Nth Lincs and we don’t have a station or any old station. Us locals call Winterton “Winny” So I was toying with Winterton or Winny Junction. Then at the weekend I was driving home and was stopped at a level crossing and clocked the name plate on the signal box nearby… Appleby Junction. That just made the decision harder. Its a big call as I want one of the BR Layout name plaques from Justin. Anyone else have this dilema ? 🙂

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Just starting with an N gauge layout in the shed :) Fully insulated and boarded out and power and lights etc


  1. Tellem_Noot

    I prefer not to take life to seriously, unless replicating a particular place. Being from Nth Yorks my branch station TELLEM NOOT leads to TELLEM SUMMIT (Tellem nowt and Tellem summat) for the uninitiated, What about , “Namiduck” just a thought. Good luck with your dilemma.

    • Iain

      Like the names Tellem 🙂

    • Weeblexx123

      Good names Tellem I am from Yorkshire too (Pickering). The wife clocked the Winterton Junction sign I had printed off to see if I liked it and she liked it so I might go with that then go along a similar vain as you with some “Yorkshire” street names 🙂

      • Tellem_Noot

        Hi Weeblexx123, That’s spooky, I am just down the road at Thornton le Dale, are you going to the Pickering exhibition on 18th and 19th (next week) let me know if you fancy a coffee and a chat. Regards Trevor (Tellem Noot)

  2. wicky0570

    I am currently having this problem! I am building a Micro Layout 3ft x 1ft siding shunting layout. I just cannot think of any names that I like! Still have time as I have only just completed the baseboard and not laid any track yet.

    • Iain

      How about Boardbox sidings?

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