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NEM couplings at Chadwick Model Railway

In this video, we join Chadwick for a look at another NEM coupling that has entered the market. This coupling is a dummy instanter type that fits direct into the NEM socket. Only downside to these that you have to run the consist in fixed rakes, however they are a vast improvement in looks over the tradtional tension lock couplings. 

Here’s the video…


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  1. justin evans

    these look much better than the tension lock couplings especially the old large D type

    • Iain

      Certainly an improvement over the tension lock couplings. The only downside is running in fixed sets, but I think for a lot of folks that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Will look at trying these out at some point.

      • Neville_Parry

        Prototype UK Couplings:
        The old standard 3-link coupling was used on loose coupled non-vacuum braked goods vehicles. These are the couplings used on very slow goods trains where you could hear all the clanking in old movies as trains concertinad when starting or stopping.
        The ‘Instanter’ (note the ‘s’ in the middle) was used on fitted goods stock, and could be used as either a ‘short’ or a’ long coupling, When long, it acted as mentioned above. When short, it ensured that the buffers were permanently in contact and was used on fast fitted goods trains.
        The ‘screw link’ coupling was used on passenger rated stock., until the advent of ‘buckeye’ type couplings, but is still used between locomotives and rakes of loco hauled stock.
        Because of these different coupling types, mixed trains of passenger and goods vehicles were not allowed in the UK, unless the goods vehicles were specifically marked (XP) as suitable to run in passenger rated trains.
        Neville Parry

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