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Old beginner

Old Beginner

At the age of 70+, I now have enough spare time to get back into railway modelling. Not having touched a piece of track for over 40 years I started to browse the internet for suitable guides and books. It seems the hobby has moved on since the 1980s. What sort of baseboard, what sort of track etc to use. Glues, tools, gauge, scale. Plywood or what for the baseboard, lay the track on cork or not. What is static grass? So confusing. Then I heard about Justin of scale model scenery, which led me to this site. What a bargain the membership fee is. This is one site that can answer all my questions and more. The only problem is I seem to be addicted to viewing the videos and looking at the various articles on this site which has meant I haven’t started the actual building of my own layout. Keep up the good work, you certainly got me hooked.

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