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Other Modelling

Other Modelling

Due to a house move the model railway layout and rolling stock is packed away until such time as the new loft layout starts to take shape.

In the meantime Ican turn to other projects such as wagon loads for the planned MOD train. As such i could use diecast models but me….it gives me a chance to build kits.

So i have collected a few kits of Post War British Armoured Fighting Vehicles. What follows are pics and descriptions of the models built so far.

Warrior Tracked Mechanised Combat Vehicle.
Built straight from the Trumpeter 1/72 Scale kit and the first of 7 such vehicles for the new layout.
A lovely little kit to build except for the transfers which are rubbish. Brush painted with Citadel Acrylics.
Saladin mk 2 Armoured Car and Bedford MK 4 Tonne Truck.
The Saladin is built from the JB Models kit and is finished as the example at the Bovington Tank Museum less the white hubcaps.
Finally got around to finishing the Bedford MK which was built from the Airfix (ex JB Models) kit, an example of which is currently in an Ebay auction with bidding at £20! I think I paid around £6 at a local model shop a few years ago
JB Models 1/76 Scale Landrover 1 Tonne FC Ambulance finished and a most enjoyable little kit to build
Landrover 1 Tonne FC Truck with GS Body…Like the accompanying Ambulance, built from a JB Models kit. Another vehicle for the MOD Train on the new Loft Layout
Other kits to build include more Warriors…Scorpion and Scimitar light tanks… and when obtained a couple of Centurion and Chieftain Tanks
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  1. Iain

    Nice work there Paul, great to see the different types of military models. Look forward to seeing these on your M.O.D. train.

    • Paul Davis

      Unfortunately the warriors are too wide for the wagons. Good job I have Scorpions in the stash from various makes

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