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Z21 DCC Controller Overview

We Join John Warner now, for a overview look at the Roco Z21 DCC control system. John runs through the main basic features of this wireless DCC control system, which allows a tablet, iPad, Smartphone etc to control the layout. 

Here’s the video…

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  1. PantoPete

    I’ve had a Z21 controller for 3 years now and it is very easy to run trains and use all the different sound functions. I run it using a cheap tablet which i bought from Amazon for about £70 dedicated for the purpose. You can change the control screen to look like an actual cab interior but I’ve never done this. Setting up a sound loco with all it’s 20-odd functions is a bit tedious but is then easy to use once done. The instruction book (translated from German) isn’t all that detailed but Gaugemaster have put together some useful (and long) how-to information sheets on it.
    The only problem I’ve had with it is when I’ve asked it to do something it’s not able to (reading some chips etc) it returns error messages in German which despite my best attempts at translation via Google Translate aren’t particularly informative!
    I also notice the look of the software in John’s video is somewhat different to what I have and I presume that represents a later version of the software. I might attempt an upgrade but I’m a little wary of upsetting the system I currently have 🙂
    Considering the proliferation of smart phones and how easy this is to run off of one I’m surprised it doesn’t get more coverage in the model press etc.

    • Iain

      Many thanks for your feedback on this system, which I think fellow club members will find valuable help to them & myself included. If have any videos of it, please do let me know & we’ll feature them here in the club. Looks a cracking system though.

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