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Oxford Rail – ‘Boche Buster’ Railgun & ROD Khaki ‘Dean Goods’ – DCC Sound

In this next video, we join Callum of SDJR7F88 channel for a look at some military railway items.  Callum shows the eagerly anticipated 00 Gauge BL 13.5 inch Howitzer Railgun “Boche Buster” from Oxford Rail. The model throughout features a high level of detail, including the extensively detailed undercarriage, barrel, and breech, heavy die-cast construction, as well as a wealth of separately fitted parts, such as pipework and chains. The vivid WW1 cameo livery has been recreated to a very high standard and is a work of art in its own right! Despite its size, “Boche Buster” has no trouble in negotiating 2nd radius curves and pointwork. In this video we see ‘Boche Buster’ paired with Railway Operating Division (ROD) Khaki ‘Dean Goods’, ROD 2308 (fitted with Coastal Digital Sound), and armoured stores car, being hauled in front.

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