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Hi. Continuing on from what is becoming a bit of a theme of making railway accessory storage devices, (see my tool tidy tip from an old dishwasher basket) I’m looking today at making a storage unit for all your scenic scatters and powders from an old CD rack. I was in a charity shop recently and saw this tall, sturdy and small footprint CD rack. With everybody doing digital downloads these days people are throwing out their old CD racks and there are plenty about. They only wanted £3 for this and I thought I can use that! 

I store all my scatters, weathering powders and dusts in re-cycled Chinese takeaway containers of which I’ve built up a large collection (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!). These fit in to the slots, taking 3 slots each, and are almost self-supporting. However to be safe I put old CDs in to make solid “shelves”. First I used full “Jewel-case” CDs but these take up a slot each so then I used the cardboard case CDs like you get free with some magazines or as promotional material,

These worked a treat and putting one every 3rd slot I can get 20 containers in. Suitably labelled they are all there to hand beside my work bench and I can just slot them in and out as I use them.

I appreciate that not everybody is going to be able to get the same unit as I picked up but there must be a lot of them being dumped/re-cycled at the moment. Also your takeaway containers might be slightly different but I think theses are pretty standard sizes and with the CD “shelves” the system would accommodate a bit of variation.


Panto Pete

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  1. MalcT

    What a great storage idea. I’m using an unwanted bedside cabinet and a kitchen wall cabinet for storage under my layout.
    Totally agree on re-use and recycle.

    • Iain

      Totally agree, fantastic idea & thank you to Pete for sharing his top recycling idea 🙂

  2. Steven Potter

    Very nifty idea , well done

  3. jdclegg

    Well, I never. What a good idea. I will start to look for one right now. Just got to eat a few tubs of chinese food as all my old food boxes are in the freezer!

  4. Andy9202

    I managed to acquire some large plastic sweet jars from a stall at a steam fair, great for scatter once all the sticky sweet residue was washed out.

    • Iain

      Nice one 🙂 I’ve used the plastic tubs that you get from takeaways for storing ballast & scatters, but think the sweet jars will certainly hold more.

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