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Last weeks film (Part 1) demonstrated how a parcels train was constructed. This film continues from where Part 1 left off.
We set off from the Parcels Platform and traverse the crossovers past the South Carriage Sidings and up the incline towards the North Station which we past through without stopping. We overtake a Class 20 with a fair few fitted vans in tow and come to a halt in the West Station and we are passed by the van train.
After a standard steam locomotive has left with the semi-fast on the opposite platform the Parcels Train then crosses the Main Line and then reverses into the bay and picks up an additional GUV.
Next stop is the East Station, after passing a race special train of Horse Boxes and the Press Coach at the rear. An ex-GWR 0-6-2 Tank drifts by with a train of empty Sand Wagons.
On through the tunnel and finally arrival at Main Station.
Filmed on the footplate, looking forward and back and from the track side.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    Great video, really enjoyed watching it.

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