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Passenger Coach Lighting

Passenger Coach Lighting
David leaves his goods wagons aside, and turns his attention to his passenger coaches. This is the first of 3 planned videos, made after finding a neat and cost effective method for lighting up coaches.
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Favourite Scale: OO / 1:76 Likes: Making small stuff on the laser cutter Dislikes: Counting rivets Other info: Starting to dabble with the world of 3D printing a bit to enhance the products we create on the laser. Layout: Whitwick Grove


  1. Tellem_Noot

    What a very interesting video, this method surpasses the motion activated system, which in my case ends up on when walking across the floor.

  2. Daveharris

    Very helpful. Who supplies the lighting kits and how much are they, please?

    • Iain

      David mentions the name of at the start of the video: Layouts 4u.

        • Iain

          Your welcome Dave. Certainly looks a great system.

  3. ourmick

    I initially thought that ONE Battery could have powered all of them, but I’ll take that as a “No.” But it is an obviously simple way of getting lighting wherever you might want it. Just what I’ve been looking for (without using DCC) as my intended use for lighting is on static Dioramas. All I need now is a few Kits, and some Soldering lessons !!

    • ourmick

      L4U were sold out when I visited… but I’ve checked every day for new arrivals… As soon as they were posted again I ordered… and they arrived yesterday (9 Apr) for a surprisingly low price of £6.75 each I think. To me it is a daunting task, but Dave’s (excellent) video makes it all look easy, so I’ll be spending a few days learning how to solder and how NOT to destroy my Carriages when I take them apart. 🙂

      • Iain

        Great to hear you’re having a go at the soldering. A very handy skill for railway modelling, keep us posted on how you get on.

        • ourmick

          Well.. Step 1 (of course) was to purchase a decent , but inexpensive Iron. I’ve had a few goes at trying it out on on an old defunct Computer Memory Circuit Board. It wasn’t pretty, and most of the Solder simply stuck to the Iron’s tool head instead of the Board, so I wondered how on Earth I was going to manage.

          Step 2, was to find some old plastic-coated Wire, to practice stripping off the coating. The Strimmers (?) I’ve got belong in a Museum, so at first I reverted to my old stand-by of using a Heat Gun to melt it, and then a Craft Knife (XACTO) to strip it off . There is virtually no room for error with the somewhat precise length of Wire provided with the Lighting Kits.

          Step 3, was to at least TRY to put some Solder on the exposed wire (after twisting it) but it’s not been a success so far.

          I’ll try to update as I go along.

  4. roybag57

    Very clear video, I’ll certainly try this out

  5. ModelRailwayGuy

    I really like the idea of the lighted coaches!
    Very easy to understand video with narration

    • Iain

      I’m hoping to add another coach lighting article to the club, once I’ve got hold of the relevant bits.

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