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Rail Guide 2018

Rail Guide 2018


A handy guidebook covering the modern UK railway network in 2018. Priced at around £22.50 from Crécy (, available to buy online or good bookshops such as Waterstones etc. This guidebook is written by Colin J. Marston & is part of the abc Rail Guides series of books.

An essential handy reference guidebook that is the ideal size for a small day rucksack, to take with you on your lineside trips around the UK rail network. The guidebook has been fully updated & revised for 2018. The main features of this guidebook are as follows:

  • Numeric listings of all UK locomotives, multiple units, coaching stock fleets.
  • Number data for the new IEP train stock.
  • Maps of each TOC (train operating company) operating areas/regions.
  • Engineering & infrastructure stock.
  • Private train operator fleets.
  • The guide has an expanded section covering the UK light rail systems.
  • Preserved locomotives & multiple unit numeric fleet listings.
  • Contains colour photographs throughout

Other information included contains photo images of loco buffer beam/front end details.  Different types of locomotive couplings with photo guides. These include numbered/lettered guides as to what each part is which is a great help for modelling details, such as buffer beam pipework etc. Other information includes a listing of all UK rail depots & depot codes, DMU/EMU vehicle codes, operator codes, preserved railway site codes, livery codes, operational pool codes.

It’s also interesting & great to see that the Irish railways are also included too. The book also lists British locomotives that are currently exported & working abroad, one such case is the class 87 electrics working in Bulgaria.  Overall highly recommend this book for your railway reference book collection.


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