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Wanted to scratch build my local station, whilst there are many photographs available on line, it would have been difficult to model.  Came across a couple of sites that might be of interest to others. which have plans covering all aspects from bridges to complete stations but could not find the one I wanted so emailed them,, who supplied a link and was able to buy scale drawings of both floors.


The other site was to do specifically with a signal box at one end of the station at the mouth of a tunnel of which could only find one photograph. covers all aspects of signalling and has a catalogue of photographs of signal boxes across the whole of the U.K. and beyond.

This in turn led to the Kidderminster Railway Museum site to purchase some photographs 


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  1. Iain

    Hi Graham, excellent information links you’ve shared here. A most valuable & interesting set of websites you’ve listed which i’ve booked marked in my fav’s. Many thanks for sharing this information.

  2. ClaytonCanuk

    Graham, many thanks for the very useful information on informative websites.
    Will be visiting them for sure.

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