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Realistic Track Detailing With The Scrap Line

For our next video this weekend, we now join Tim over at the Scrap Line for a look at realistic ballasting & weathering of the ballasting. Tim makes a really superb job on recreating an oily ballast section where locos have been standing. This one is well worth a watch. Here’s the video.

Here’s the video…





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  1. Holls

    I like the technique for oil in the 4 foot. I’m looking for ideas for my portrayal of Thorne North. In the era that I’m recreating, the line adjacent to platform 2 is very grimy. This method might just do the job. Thanks for the tip 👍

    • Iain

      It certainly adds to the realism. All good stuff 🙂

  2. Wingnut

    For oily track I use Geoscenics black mix with a little burnt umber then a little tamiya varnish thinned down for an almost identical finish. A lot less work for the same reult

    • Iain

      If you can Stephen, would you be able to please if that’s okay, to do a video or write an article for the club showing your method, i think will be very helpful to learn as many methods to help improve our modelling. Many thanks & kind regards Iain

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