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Retro fitting faller car system to my roads.

Well busses to be exact!
How to convert a Faller lorry to a bus!
Other traffic
Scale speed
Avoiding passenger whiplash

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About The Author


I started my interest in model railways and then the real thing when I was 10. It was Christmas 1975! Yes I'm still alive! My parents bought me a GWR pannier tank frieght set, with smoke! I was hooked. Then I discovered girls, beer, motorcycles and that was that from 17 until I got married in 1988. My wonderful wife was encouraging and we had the attic converted. Career, money and children interrupted things and despite a brave attempt about 13 years ago I only really returned about 5 years ago. Having been forced into early retirement with severe health problems, the railway became my saviour. It challenges, engages, entertains and most important for me takes you to a different world and time. I have met some truly wonderful friends through this hobby. I am working on my "layout of a lifetime" it's called Snow Hill and is in its own upstairs room, 24ft X 14ft, built on two levels with a centre board cutting right along the length. Its DCC, mainly with sound and set in 1976-79 Midlands. So far including the fiddle yards (piddle yard as Steve calls it, due to being in the ensuite) I have laid a true half a kilometre of track! I will populate the site with some articles and galleries and things move on.

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