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Retrofitting a Bachmann Class 37.

Progress on my reproduction of Thorne North railway station, 1980 has been very slow and limited due to various reasons. My modelling itch is still being scratched however as I received a Digitrax Zephyr for Xmas. I have just finished fitting sound and lighting to an earlier Bachmann Class 37. The decoder is an ESU V5 loaded with Legomanbiffo’s ‘West Highland’ Class 37/0, and the lighting boards were an ebay purchase. I have utilised Aux 1 and Aux 2 of the decoder to enable the tail lights to operate independently, and in isolation from direction of travel. Configuring the lights in this way allows the tail lights on both ends of the loco to be displayed when it is stabled, thus more prototypical.

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  1. Iain

    The Digitrains System is a very good system that can be easily expanded with the Digitrax range of add on’s to grow the system., I upgraded to the Digitrax Evolution the other year & haven’t looked back.

    • Holls

      As an introduction to DCC I highly recommend the Digitrax DCS 52, and the option of the compatible (and free) JMRI software make reading and changing Function Mapping a piece of cake.

      • Iain

        Hi Holls, The DCS52 is a great system & as you say a great introduction to the world of DCC & one to be highly recommended. A bonus is that the DCS52 can be easily expanded with the Digitrax Loconet system which allows it to grow as the layout grows.

        I’m very pleased with the Digitrax Evolution which has the DCS210 Command Station/Booster With Intelligent AutoReverse & the DT500 Super LocoNet Throttle (The IR version). Digitrax has just done a further upgrade on the DCS210 command station which is now superseded with the DCS210+ version. Though i’ve still when i get a spare min, need to look at what the upgraded differences between the two are.

        I have added the Digitrax UR91 IR panel units as well as the LNWI wi-fi unit & using the JMRI throttle app on my smartphone. With the JMRI throttle app being free on the smartphone version, it allows any family members ( & when it’s eventually allowed & safe to do so) visitors to join in the fun of operating the layout with their smart phones.

        The free JMRI Decoder Pro software I also use as well, as you say really makes programming, function mapping very easy to do. Great bit of software & highly recommend to anyone who uses DCC.

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