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Retrofitting a Bachmann Class 37.

Over the last 12 months my progress on Thorne North Station in 4mm/OO has been set back due to other more important commitments. During the modelling lull I revisited the prospect of DCC, and more specifically, DCC Sound. After having fitted sounds and lighting to an earlier Bachmann Class 24 (which doesn’t match my area and region), thoughts turned to more prototypical motive power. My Bachmann Cl 37 is their earlier release without sound or lighting, but this gave me a blank canvass to achieve what I required. The decoder is an 8 pin V5 loaded with Legomanbiffo’s Cl 37/0 ‘West Highland’ project. The lighting boards came from ebay. I have configured the lighting to provide Headcodes in the direction of travel, but the tail lights to operate independently; thus allowing more prototypical operation. The tail lights at the trailing end of the loco can be switched off if a consist is being hauled, whilst tail lights at both ends can be displayed should the loco be stabled (irrespective of head code lighting).

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