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Revolution Trains / Rapido Trains -TEA 100 Ton Tank Wagons

Revolution Trains / Rapido Trains -TEA 100 Ton Tank WagonsScore 100%Score 100%

Mention the name Rapido Trains & Revolution Trains, combine the two & you know something special is about to hit the market. Revolution Trains work a little differently to the mainstream model companies in the way bring models to market. Revolution Trains produces models that wouldn’t normally be produced, by way of crowdfunding projects. Mainly working in N gauge, Revolution is now starting to produce models in OO gauge. With the success of their N gauge TEA tank wagons, & much requested by OO scale modellers, it was decided to produce the TEA wagons in OO scale.

The project was announced back around 2016, with various different liveries on offer as well as offering single & triple wagon packs. As before Revolution Trains joined forces to produce the OO scale TEA model. Revolution & Rapido showing regular updates as the project went from laser scan right through to release. The model was available to pre-order & a small number of model shops also getting an allocation for sale. The model was released around the end of November 2018, and at the time of writing (Mid January-2019) demand has been high & the model rapidly sold out.

It’s to be hoped liked the N gauge version, that a second run of these will be produced. If so expect demand to be high, so worth placing a pre-order if you fancy some.

The release featured in this article is the triple pack in dark grey with VTG livery. The wagon numbers are:

VTG 88159, VTG 88163, VTG 88172

The wagons come in three separate boxes packed in an outer sleeve. Included in each of the three boxes is a bag containing buffer beam pipes plus spare hand brake wheels. An info sheet with a full list of spare parts numbers is also included, looking at the sheet it’s eye-opening as to how many parts make up this highly detailed wagon. Another nice touch is a spare details transfer sheets, for if you’re wanting to repaint the wagons.

Regarding the transfer decals Revolution say this:

“The Freightliner wagons have now been acquired by VTG and although still painted green have the Freightliner logo patch-painted out, and white VTG lettering applied. We also offer rub-down decal sets to allow the modeller to follow the prototype and cover the Freightliner logo with the VTG identity.”

The model features finely etched metal detail parts and prototypical detail variations, fine-scale profile wheelsets that are mounted in miniature brass roller bearings. The roller bearings make these wagons extremely smooth runners & appear to glide along the track with no wobbling like some other model makes.

As expected, the model includes fine detailed decorations & lettering with even the tiniest writing being able to be read using a magnifying glass!! The model has small type removable tension lock couplings that sit in NEM coupling pockets.

The etched walkway is incredibly fine & looks just right. The two ladder sets at one of the wagon have finely detailed step treads. Overall these are about the best wagons to hit the market yet, & certainly have raised the bar in wagon models!!


Key Features:


  • Small type tension lock couplers
  • Extreme High level of detailing
  • Detachable couplings
  • NEM sockets
  • Roller bearings on the axles
  • Various liveries, EWS, VTG, Freightliner, Greenergy
  • Fine Scale profile wheelsets
  • Detail extra buffer beam pipework for fitting by the modeller
  • Extra Decal sheet included
  • Single & triple wagon packs
  • Era: 2001 – current
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from 0041320 -0041325

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from 0041320 -0041325

On the photo right (Circled & arrowed) can be seen the miniature brass roller bearings fitted as standard. This makes for superbly smooth running wagons.

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Have one of these in your collection?

Let us know what you think, or share your photos via the comments below.

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Summary A superb modern image release, by Revolution Trains & Rapido Trains. Museum high spec model which has raised & set the bar in detail & running. Rapidly sold out so only available on the 2nd hand market. To be hoped a 2nd run is released. Maybe pricey for those on a tight budget.

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