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Ride over STAINMORE SUMMIT DMU front view – Dec. 1961

To finish off we take a look at another old archive film from the 1960’s with Youtuber Alan Snowdon, with a look at the now closed & long gone Stainmore route. We join a  DMU with a front view ride of the line in December 1961, a few weeks before closure. This line was one of Englands highest mainline railway routes & if you’re travelling on the A66 today you can still see the Stainmore Sumit railway sign still in place! Did you get a chance to ride this line? Or have photos, models of this line? We’d love to see them & will feature them in the newsletter if you like to send them in.

You’ll notice in the last video the Pennines covered in snow. If you fancy setting your layout in winter we have a number of snow & winter items in stock which can be found here in our shop.
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