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Bonus Video – Scumton Junction Tour Guide (by BobToo7)

And now a totally bonkers model railway video by BobToo7. A fictional place somewhere in Model Rail Land is a town called Scumton where crazy things happen. Scumton Tourist Information Board has put together this tour guide video of the views, sights & crazy happenings around Scumton. A tongue in cheek video that may bring a smile during this country virus wide lockdown. (Viewer discretion advised on some scenes).

Here’s the video…




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  1. moonshinerunner

    That is good, must have taken a while. Even the boss laughed.

  2. DSC

    Particularly liked the high-rise dominoes. Recommended to all municipal planning departments.

  3. BigGoff

    Absolutely fantastic. That brought a big smile to my face.

  4. roybag57

    Love this, I’m checking out his other you tube videos

  5. justin evans

    That was great fun, reminded me of Blackburn ha ha

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